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    Daweni Medical Complex

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to advance in all areas of the complex's activities, including import services, medical devices and services, high-quality health care, and creating a distinct therapeutic environment.

    Our Vision

    With the full energy of Daweni Medical Complex and with the intensification of cooperation between the work team, we are keen to provide the best medical and consulting services in all of our branches, and we are working to attract the best medical personnel to serve the community in all its categories and institutions, after the precious confidence we got with your presence between us and the opportunity for us to serve you.

    Our Message

    A message stemming from our belief that the human therapeutic service and its quality is the essential difference in the provision of medical and therapeutic services within international standards based on the competence of medical staff, and the distinction of service to our clients as Daweni is part of the community whose success can only be achieved by providing the best services for his care.

    Welcome to Daweni Medical Complex

    Since the inception of Daweni Medical Complex, the founding team of Daweni has set a set of goals and aspirations that later painted the features of excellence and perfection that we are proud of today.

    • Outstanding Staff
    • Interactive Community (Downey Community)
    • Keep up with the times
    • Follow up on medical developments
    • Diversity of experiences
    • Medical Shares
    • Reliability and Quality
    • New technologies
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